Town of Granby
15 North Granby Road, Granby, CT 06035
Winter Tips from "The Works"
MAILBOXES - the U.S. Postal Service requires that rural mailboxes must be a least 42" high (from the ground to the bottom of the box) and 9" - 12" back from the edge of the road. Please be sure your mailbox post is secure enough to withstand snow thrown from the plows. We suggest you visually inspect your post (try poking a screwdriver through the wood at the base of the pole to make sure it's not rotten). Please note that if a mailbox is damaged from thrown snow it is the responsibility of the resident to make any necessary repairs. If it is obvious that the plow actually hit a mailbox, then the Town of Granby will take responsibility for repairs. The Post Office also asks that you make every effort to keep your mailbox cleared of snow for mail delivery.

TRASH BARRELS - Many residents have had their trash & recycling barrels badly damaged or even lost during severe winter storms. Our contractor, Paine's, has requested that when it snows you place your barrels at the end of your driveway, facing the street, and not in the street!

PARKING - There is an ordinance in Granby that prohibits parking of any vehicle on a town road from the start of a snow or ice storm until 12 hours after the storm ends. The Town is authorized to have any car towed that is obstructing snow removal operations.

SAND - Sand mixed with salt is available for residents' use at 166 Salmon Brook Street, opposite McLean Game Refuge.  Residents are limited to one 5-gallon container per trip.

DRIVEWAYS - The frustration of watching the plow fill the end of a freshly-shoveled driveway may be alleviated if you make sure you shovel or plow snow to the right side of your driveway, as you face the street. And please be sure not to plow any driveway snow into the street - this creates a dangerous situation and you may be liable for causing an accident. In addition, it makes our job of clearing the roads twice as difficult.

CHILD SAFETY - Children love to make snow forts along the edge of the roads, but this is potentially very dangerous because our plow operators cannot see the children. Visibility is difficult even in the best conditions, so we ask that you please keep your children away from the roads during snow removal!

CHRISTMAS TREES - As an extra service, the Public Works Department will stop by your neighborhood every week in January (usually on your trash pickup day, weather permitting) to collect Christmas trees left at curbside. We will be chipping the trees at the Transfer Station for residents' use.