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Library Board Minutes 10/19/2009
Town of Granby
Granby Library Board Meeting
October 19, 2009
held at Cossitt Library

Call to order:  A quorum was not present.  
Members present:        Chairman Lynn Lochhead, Lisa Blessis, Judy Goff, and Bob Donna
Members excused:  Carol Bressor, Shawn Ball, and Dick Lydon
Absent:  Marty Council
Staff:  Joan Fox
Visitors:  Bruce and Bobbie Sullivan

Items to add to the Agenda include:  member’s terms about to expire, 2010 meeting schedule, Library expansion update, and Cossitt Library renovations.

Public Comment:  Bobbie Sullivan noted that although it’s been stated in newspaper articles that the renovations at Cossitt will not be done during a busy time, that is not true.  Summer months are the busiest time at Cossitt and that’s when it looks like the library will be closed for renovations.  She asked if there would be a temporary alternate site for Cossitt library set up.  J. Fox responded that this idea will be considered, but no decisions have been made at this time.  An alternate site versus closing the library and storing all the books will also be looked at.

Director’s Report
Statistics for September              Granby                 Cossitt                     Total
Circulation     11,486  1,237   12,723
Programs / attendance   22/389    0/0   22/389
InterLibrary Loans      Loaned:  122     Borrowed:  247
        Connecticard    2,290
        Lost book payments (July, August, September):  $257.80 (GPL)  $0 (Cossitt)

Director’s Report:

·       J. Fox and C. Bressor attended the LibraTects Presentation at the West Hartford Library on October 8th:  The Architects was there and spoke about the project.  Comments were made regarding fundraising – put someone in charge of donations and write thank you notes to all contributors.
·       New England Library Association (NELA) Conference was held at the Convention Center in Hartford.  Two people attended this three-day conference.
·       Howlarious Halloween, October 28th at the Granby Senior Center.  Stories, songs, and jokes for all ages.  
·       Out of the Attic, November 12th at the Town Hall Meeting Room.  This is an antique program.
·       Cossitt’s upcoming events include: Gingerbread house contest, book tagtree, holiday cookbook sale, and poetry readings.
·       Possible upcoming programs include supporting Holcomb Farm as they start a book club.  
·       Connecticut Humanities Council will have lower priced programs come the spring.  

·       The Target grant applied for was not received.  J. Fox doesn’t have information at this time as to who received it.
·       Pilot Interlibrary loan participant – this system works with others out of state to obtain books.  Payment of postage may apply.
·       The 24/7 reference service is no longer available.  State funding is no longer available for this program.  Libraries are banding together to see if they can fund it, in order to continue the service.
·       There is a new service at the library – Job Now.  The Granby Library Association has paid this for.  There will be access for free expert job coaching from the library or home.  This is being set up now and people will need a library card for access.  East Granby has recently opened a career center at their library.

Old Business

·       Board Vacancy:  no volunteer has been found yet.  This volunteer should be a Republican or an Unaffiliated voter.
·       GCTV Granby Forum – Susan Regan interviewed Joan Fox and Lynn Lochhead.  They felt this was good exposure for the libraries.  This interview can be seen on TV or viewed on a computer.
·       The recently held “Book Sale” went well.
·       In January 2010 Board members Shawn Ball, Marty Council, and Bob Donna’s terms will expire.  Please contact Chairman Lochhead to let her know if you choose to continue as a member.
·       The 2010 meeting schedule was reviewed.
·       Chairman Lochhead has not received any new information from the Library Expansion Committee.  
·       Chairman Lochhead asked for volunteers to attend meetings of the Granby Library Association, the Friends of the Granby Library, and the Friends of the Cossitt Library as a liaison of the Granby Library Board.  

New Business

There was discussion regarding the upcoming renovations at Cossitt Library.  Bruce Sullivan, representing the Friends of the Cossitt Library, said he had given J. Fox a list of question in July, which he feels still hasn’t been completely answered.  This list has been given to James Klase, Public Works Director.  There is a difference of opinions as to if the structure of the library building is in jeopardy making the installation of beams necessary for floor support.  The time the library would be closed, cost, and the donation amount associated with the grant were discussed also.  Mr. Sullivan asked about minutes from the Board of Selectmen Workshop where a list of items to be done at Cossitt Library was created.  This information will be retrieved and given to Chairman Lochhead.  

The installation of the beams at Cossitt Library probably won’t be done until at least the spring of 2010, although site work around the entrance may be done this fall.  Granby Library Association made a statement that they will do a challenge pledge for a quarter of the needed funds to be raised.  They hope the Friends groups will do the same.  They are waiting for the final number of project costs.  


This meeting ended at 8:41 p.m.

The next meeting will be Monday, November 9, 2009, 7:30 p.m., at Granby Public Library.  

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Christian
Recording Secretary

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