Storm Water Management Plan

Town of Granby
Storm Water Management Plan

In accordance with the requirements of the Phase II MS4 General Permit, as issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, The Town of Granby is in the process of preparing a comprehensive stormwater management plan.

The Town has complied with Part A and Part B of the General Permit requirements by submitting registration forms in April 2004 and fees in July 2004. These submittals were made to the State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. Copies of the registration forms can be viewed at the Office of the Director of Community Development, Granby Town Hall, 15 North Granby, Granby, CT.

General information regarding stormwater management and stormwater pollution can be obtained from the J.S. Environmental Protection Agency's website. Additional information, Particularly concerning the State of Connecticut's stormwater management requirements, can be obtained on the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection's website. To see what homeowners can do to help alleviate the problem of stormwater pollution, please click here in order to download the brochure titled "Make Your Home The Solution to Stormwater Pollution!"

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