Utility Winter Protection Program

Winter Protection is not automatic. Winter Protection means a household cannot be shut off during the winter months, however, it does not mean that the household does not pay its bill. You must continue to pay your utility bill through the winter months. To qualify, contact either Eversource or the Social Services Department and prove hardship in order to be put on the Winter Protection Program. The Winter Protection Program is in effect from November 1 through April 15. Please contact Eversource Energy (formerly known as CL&P) to make payment arrangements, if you have not been making monthly payments.

For all assistance, the State of Connecticut and / or agency require specific documents to complete an application. Required documents that are not provided will delay the process.

Income documentation - Proof of income for all household members (18 plus years old).

  • Paycheck stubs (4 consecutive paystubs if paid weekly or 2 paystubs if paid biweekly). Paystubs must be the four weeks prior to your appointment. New! Paystubs are only accepted if they list your name and social security number.
  • If you are self-employed: A Self-Employment worksheet will need to be completed and notarized. See the office for a self-employment worksheet or view and download the Self-Employment worksheet form (JPG).
  • Social Security Award letter; SSI; New! (a statement from a bank showing direct deposit of Social Security income is no longer acceptable).
  • Pension or annuity check stubs, or a letter from the payer on their letterhead
  • If you are unemployed: A printout of Unemployment Compensation Benefits from the Department of Labor or from the DOL website.
  • If you are receiving Workman's Compensation or Disability Insurance: A statement showing benefits
  • If your household receives rental income from a tenant: Rent receipts from the tenant or a copy of the lease
  • If you receive V.A. Benefits: A copy of the Award Letter or statement from the bank showing V.A. benefit received.
  • Dividend and interest statements for the most recently completed period.
  • If you receive money from Family and/or Friends: Must provide a statement from friends or relatives who are contributing to your household's support, signed by them.
  • If you receive Alimony or Child Support: Divorce decree Family Relations Court letter or lawyer statement verifying the amount and frequency of alimony and/or child support.
  • If someone in your household is disabled: Must provide a medical certificate signed and stamped by a physician verifying the disability

Verification of Disability

If you or some members of your household have a disability that cannot be verified by sight, you must have a medical certificate signed and stamped by a physician verifying the disability.

Documentation of Rent or Mortgage

You must bring in proof of what current rent or mortgage evidenced by your lease, a copy of a check OR a current rent receipt or current housing notification (Rent charges will be verified by the landlord).

Asset Verification

To verify your current account balance(s), you must provide a statement(s) from every institution that you or any other adult household member(s) who have an account with. (Liquid assets include savings and checking accounts, bonds, stocks/shares, Certificates of Deposit, or Individual Retirement Accounts if over 59 and a half years old).

Energy Burden

Copy of your household's current electric bill.