Curbside Collection

The Town of Granby strives to provide safe and reliable trash and recycling services for all eligible properties. Per town ordinance, eligible properties are residential properties with one or two dwelling units.

The town contracts with Paine's Inc. based in East Granby, Connecticut. All inquiries regarding trash or recycling services should be directed to the Department of Public Works at 860-653-8960.

Trash Holidays

During a holiday week, if your pick-up day falls on or after the holiday, your trash and recycling will be picked up one day after your regularly scheduled collection day for that week only.

View a list of this year's holidays.

Collection Do's & Don'ts

  1. Do
  2. Don't
  • Barrels must be curbside by 6 am on collection day. Barrels may not be placed curbside prior to 4 pm the day before pickup. Barrels must be removed from the curbside no later than 7 am of the day after pickup.
  • The barrel opening should face the street.
  • Trash should be placed in your blue 64-gallon barrel. Recycling goes in the green 95-gallon barrel.
  • All items must be inside the barrel with the lid closed.
  • Make sure your barrels are at least 2 feet apart to allow clearance for the automatic arm of the truck.
  • Call Public Works at 860-653-8960 if your barrel was curbside at 6 am and you think your collection was missed. Please call as soon as possible so that we can contact Paine's while the truck is still in the area.
  • Contact Public Works if your barrel is damaged. In the case of vandalism or a missing barrel, you will be asked to file a report with the Granby Police Department.
  • Only town-issued barrels may be used.

Extra Trash or Recycling

Extra Trash

If at any time you anticipate you will have an excessive amount of trash (more than will fit in the barrel with the lid closed), you must purchase town-issued "extra trash" bags. The bags are $2 each and should be placed beside your trash barrel on collection day. The bags are available Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4 pm at:
Granby Department of Public Works
52 N Granby Road
Granby, CT 06035

Additionally bags are available Saturdays from 8 am to 3 pm at:
Granby Transfer Station
103 Old Stagecoach Road
Granby, CT 06035

Cash or check only.

If you find that you have extra trash on a regular basis, you may request an extra trash barrel. The cost of the barrel is $230 per year.

Extra Recycling

If you have extra recycling it can be brought to the Granby Transfer Station,103 Old Stagecoach Road during hours of operation. There is no charge to drop off recycling at the transfer station. If you find you have extra recycling on a regular basis, you may request a 2nd recycling barrel to be used curbside. There is no charge for an extra recycling barrel. To request a 2nd barrel, call the Department of Public Works at 860-653-8960.