It is the responsibility of the Assessor to discover, list, and value all taxable real estate and personal property in the Town of Granby. It is important that no property is omitted, that each property is assessed to the correct person or persons, and that each property is assessed uniformly and according to Connecticut State Law. These values subject to a 70% ratio, result in the Gross Grand List. The Assessor then applies various exemptions as mandated by the Connecticut State Statutes and local ordinances including veterans, elderly, disabled, blind, farm, forest, and open space, etc. The final total, after exemptions are deducted, is the Net Grand List. It is this figure, coupled with local, state, and federal revenue, which is used to compute the local tax rate.

Date of Current Revaluation: October 1, 2017
Next Scheduled Revaluation: October 1, 2022

Population Estimate: 11,300
Area: 40.7 square miles

Assessment Ratio: 70%
Assessment Date: October 1st for the following fiscal year.
Filing Deadline for Personal Property Declarations: November 1st

July 1, 2018 Mill Rate = $38.69 per $1,000 of net assessed value


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Susan Altieri, CCMA II Assessor (860) 844-5311
Elise Crowston Assistant Assessor (860) 844-5311