Important notice to residents following the May 15th hail storm:

Unfortunately, many Granby residents received damage to their homes and vehicles from the May 15th hail storm. The Granby Building Department encourages homeowners to shop carefully for contractors to perform the necessary repairs. There are many competent local contractors that may be able to assist you with the needed repairs. Do your homework as you would with any other significant investment to your home.  All contractors must provide customers a written contract and must have a Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) certification from the State Department of Consumer Protection. If the contractor has any employees, they must provide proof of Workers Compensation insurance. The Building Department cannot however, recommend or provide names of contractors

Residents should remember that many of the repairs that are needed will require building permits and inspections.  If you have any questions as to whether permits are required for your repairs, please call the Building Department at (860) 844-5318.

Lastly, we have heard some reports of residents being approached by very aggressive contractors.  Please be advised that Town ordinances prohibit door to door solicitations without a permit, which are issued by the Police Department. If a solicitor approaches your home and you want to verify the status of their permit or if you have a question, please contact the Police Department at (860) 844-5335.  Please be further advised that while an applicant may have met the requirements of the ordinance and have been issued a Solicitor Permit, this does not mean the Town has certified the quality or reliability of the contractor.