A Message about Speeding from the Town Manager

Speed limit

"Life is a highway" claims the once top hit by the band Rascal Flats. But Granby roads are not highways! Whether you live on a "cut through" street or a cul-de-sac, speeding probably affects you. In most cases of residential street speeding, it's our neighbors who are the worst offenders. Speed on town roads is a concern that we all have. Recently, we have received an increased number of calls regarding speeding throughout Town. The Police Chief and I want to remind everyone that speed limits are carefully designated and are appropriate for the specific road and ask that you follow the speed as designated.

What can the Town of Granby do to enforce speed limits? The Police Department has the primary responsibility of enforcement. Traffic control and enforcement is conducted during routine patrol, during selective enforcement assignments and in response to complaints and concerns from citizens. When the Police Department receives a report of a potential speeding problem in a specific area or on a specific street, the first action is to collect data. The Granby Police Department has two radar speed-monitoring trailers. These devices not only display vehicle speed they also collect speed and traffic volume data that is very helpful to determine the nature and extent of any potential problem. The Police Department also has two semi-permanent speed monitoring devices, these devices are mounted to sign posts in fixed locations. Town wide, we are also directing officers to conduct more selective enforcement. They have indeed done so in the last several months.

I don' think that speeding will ever not be a problem in most towns. However, Granby will continue to do what we can to mitigate it. Remember to watch your speed as you travel through our beautiful town!