State's Executive Order Allowing Outside Dining

Dear Restaurant Owner:

We know how anxious you and other town restaurant owners are to get your business started back up and running.  The State's Executive Order is allowing outside dining.  We are hopeful this is a start to that end.

Working with the State and the Farmington Valley Health Department, the Town of Granby has created some guidelines, along with a Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit.  Please review the enclosed material, fill it out, and return it to us at your earliest convenience.  We are available with any questions or concerns you may have.

We understand how important it is for your business to continue.  We are working very hard to help you achieve that.

Thank you.

Town of Granby Commuinity Development, Building, and Fire Marshal Offices


Please see the attached:  FVHD Guidelines and Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit