Town Strategic Plan Update - September 7, 2022

Several months ago, the Board of Selectmen (BOS) began its strategic planning process by soliciting input and goal recommendations from various stakeholders, including staff, the public, elected boards and commissions.  At their August meetings, the BOS heard from the Town's board and commission members about their submitted objectives and the public provided their comments as well.  From those submittals, the BOS created a draft set of goals, along with a mission statement for Granby.  The BOS requests that this draft Strategic Plan be reviewed, and any feedback be sent to the board through either the Town Manager or at the following dedicated email address:

The BOS will take comments and suggestions through October 7, 2022.  A public session is expected to be held in late October or early November to discuss the feedback.  Notification of the public session will be available on the Town webpage and Facebook page.

The draft plan can be seen HERE.