Guidelines for Signs


Guidelines for Placement of Signs on Town Property

Generally no private signs are permitted on town property except those authorized by the Town Manager. Signs on town property are typically limited to those that relate to town events or for safety.


Granby Town Green. It consists of a portion of land in the center of town along the intersection of state highways, Salmon Brook Street (Route 10/202), North Granby Road and Hartford Avenue (Route 189) and East Granby Road (Route 20).

Signs should only be placed along Salmon Brook Street (Route 10/202), along the west side of the Town Green.

Recommended Guidelines for Placement of Signs along the west side of Town Green:

  • Signs be only for non-profit (non-commercial - non-business) prefer Granby events.
  • Only one sign per event.
  • Not more than two event signs per year.
  • Maximum size should be 16 sq. ft. or not more than 8 ft. high (no "wire-type signs").
  • Make sure sign is safely secured to the ground. No post hole digging.
  • Safety – be sure sign does not obstruct sight line or create a hazard by glare or illumination.
  • Duration – not more than 14 days.
  • Remove sign as soon as event is over.
  • Banners only in designated areas. Check with Town Manager's Office.
  • No commercial or business advertisement signs.
  • No tag sale or tag sale direction signs.
  • Help keep the total number of signs being displayed to 10.
  • Identify your sign by writing a name, address, or phone number and placement date on the sign (magic marker on back of sign is acceptable). The Town reserves the right to remove signs.

No signs are permitted at the Town Hall Complex or on other town green areas, except as approved by town. No signs are permitted at town parks except as permitted by Park Rules.

Please contact the Town Manager's Office at (860) 844-5300 if you have any questions.