Granby Mailbox Policy

Town of Granby Policy on Mailboxes

The following guidelines for repair or replacement of mailboxes which have been damaged by Town snowplows are presented for consideration by the Selectmen.

Mailboxes should be secured to sturdy, well anchored posts. No part of the mailbox arm or post shall be closer than nine (9) inches to the curb or edge of pavement. No part of the mailbox shall be less than 42" high from the edge of pavement. The Town will not replace or repair mailboxes that were not placed according to these specifications.

Owners of properly installed mailboxes which are struck by Public Works snowplows will be reimbursed for the current value of a standard, aluminum mailbox and standard pressure treated post, if it was damaged. Payment is limited to materials only. Installation of the mailbox is the owner's responsibility. Payment may be forfeited if the homeowner requests that the Town install the new mailbox and/or post. Novelty mailboxes and mountings will be replaced with standard fixtures.

Mailbox posts determined to be rotted or weakened will not be eligible for the replacement.

Revised, March 1, 2006