Exercise Classes


Yoga Flow: 10:15am

Instructor: Mary Fuller
Rise & shine with this gentle -- yet effective -- yoga flow class.

Gentle Movement & Balance: 11:15am

Instructor: Paula Pirog
Designed to increase strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. Will focus on improving voice power and speech clarity and could help those with Parkinson's delay progression of their symptoms.

Cardio & Strength 4:30pm

Instructor: Mary Fuller
Get your heart pumping and tone your muscles. All equipment is provided.


Chair Yoga: 2:30pm

Instructor: Paula Pirog
Enhance breathing and blood flow through yoga poses done with the stability of the chair. Great for those with limited mobility.

Yoga: 4:00pm

Instructor: Paula Pirog
Posture, posing and deep controlled breathing help to increase balance and relieve tension.


Tone-up Tune-up: 10:15am

Instructor: Mary Fuller
Less in-chair movement and increased standing exercise than the Smart Moves class. Increase muscle-tone and joint mobility using hand-held weights and resistance bands.

NEW!! Cardio Sculpt: 4:30pm
Instructor: Mellanee Harmon
This class is a multi-level high intensity, low impact workout set to the beat of music to inspire you to "keep going". Each class uses a variety of floor moves, to mat moves, to step intervals all mixed with light weights, balls and body bars.


Chi Gong: 8:30am

Instructor: MaryEllen Mullins
A gentle, low-impact, standing or seated class focusing on flexibility, balance, healing and pain management.  Like Tai Chi, Chi Gong is routed in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Cardio Combo: 10:15am

Instructor: Mary Fuller
Using hand-held weights, exercise bands, and balls, you will help build strong bones, increase stability and control increasing your sense of well being.

Line Dancing: 1:00pm

Instructor: Jim Gregory
A great work-out while having fun! Appropriate for beginners as well as advanced line dancers.


PEAK: 7:30am

Instructor: Jennifer Dzielak
For the Weekend Warrior! This is a challenging workout designed to address all your muscle groups.

Cancellation Policy:

All Senior Center activities and transportation services will be canceled whenever the Granby Public Schools are cancelled. The Town of Granby further reserves the right to cancel programs in the event of inclement weather.