Exercise Classes


Yoga Flow: 9:45am

Instructor: Mary Fuller
Emphasis is given to finding a balance between flexibility and strength and exploring how, with practice, we can find increased fluidity of movement. Yoga experience is somewhat helpful but not required.

Gentle Movement & Balance: 11:15am

Instructor: Paula Pirog
This class is designed to gently stretch muscles and joints to promote flexibility. Leg and core strengthening to help with Fall Prevention.


Chair Yoga: 2:30pm

Instructor: Paula Pirog
Enhanced breathing, seated and standing classic Yoga poses, plus balance training and core strengthening. Guided meditation finishes the class in a calm and relaxing manner.

Yoga: 4:00pm

Instructor: Paula Pirog
Strength building sequences, standing and on the mat. Includes balance and Pilates floor work.


Tone-up Tune-up: 9:45am

Instructor: Mary Fuller
A low impact cardiovascular workout with intervals of weigh work for upper and lower body strengthening. Does not go to the floor; core training performed standing or seated.

Body Blast 4:15pm

Instructor: Mary Fuller
This fast paced class gives you an all around great workout.


Chi Gong: 8:30am

Instructor: MaryEllen Mullins
A gentle, low-impact, standing or seated class focusing on flexibility, balance, healing and pain management.  Like Tai Chi, Chi Gong is routed in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Cardio Combo: 9:45am

Instructor: Mary Fuller
This quicker paced class offers more aerobics with a combination of weights and, exercise bands, etc.

Line Dancing: 1:00pm

Instructor: Jim Gregory
Get a solid hour workout while enjoying many musicial forms. Learn steps and sequences, develop balance and your own personal style.


NEW! HIIT: 7:30am

Instructor: Jennifer Dzielak
For the Weekend Warrior! This high intensity class will incorporate strength and cardiovascular training for a great full body workout that will increase strength and maximize your calorie burn.

Cancellation Policy:

All Senior Center activities and transportation services will be canceled whenever the Granby Public Schools are cancelled. The Town of Granby further reserves the right to cancel programs in the event of inclement weather.