What happens if someone doesn’t return their items?

If items are not returned by their due date, they will be considered overdue. If items are overdue by 21 days, patrons will be charged for the replacement cost of the item plus a processing fee. Our fine-free policy applies only to overdue items. Fees for damaged or lost items will still be charged to cardholder accounts.

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1. Why eliminate fines?
2. Will everything be fine-free?
3. What if I have old overdue fines on my account?
4. What if I have fines from another library?
5. Won't people just check things out and never return them?
6. Will there still be due dates?
7. Will I still receive reminders about returning materials?
8. What about hold times? Will I have to wait forever for my item?
9. What happens if someone doesn’t return their items?
10. I have an item that I’m being charged for as “lost”. Can I still bring it back?
11. Won't this affect the library's budget?
12. Have other libraries eliminated late fines?
13. I like to give a little donation to the library if I return my items late. May I still do that?