Be it ordained that:

  1. There is hereby established an Agricultural Commission, consisting of seven members to be appointed by the Board of Selectmen, each for a term of four years to expire on the second Monday in January, except that three of the members initially appointed shall serve until the second Monday in January 2009 and four of the members initially appointed shall serve until the second Monday in January 2011. In making appointments to the Agricultural Commission, the Board of Selectmen shall consider persons engaged or interested in agriculture, farm management, and the promotion of agriculture.
  2. The Agricultural Commission shall support, promote, and encourage agriculture and agricultural pursuits. It shall serve as a conduit between non-profit agencies and persons engaged in agricultural pursuits locally. It shall advise the Board of Selectmen on issues relating to agriculture, the Planning and Zoning Commission on land uses and areas deemed especially useful for agricultural purposes and other zoning and planning concerns related to agriculture, and other Town officials, officers, departments, boards, commissions, and agencies on agricultural issues within their respective purview and shall serve as a resource regarding laws and regulations dealing with agriculture and agricultural equipment. The Commission shall search out and support opportunities for young farmers and new farmers and support local, regional, and state vocational agricultural education programs. It shall assist in the resolution of any conflicts between agricultural interests and organs of Town government. It shall serve a role in public education about the value and desirability of agricultural pursuits.
  3. The members of the Commission, at their first meeting and annually thereafter on their first meeting after the second Monday in January, shall elect from among themselves a Chairperson and a Secretary. They shall establish and from time to time reestablish a regular schedule of meetings. They may adopt rules for the conduct of their business and shall file with the Town Clerk the minutes of their meetings.
  4. The Commission shall report to the Board of Selectmen annually or as may be requested by the Board.