Town Engineer

In the Town of Granby, Engineering Services are provided by a Consultant Engineer. The Consultant Engineer works under the Office of Community Development. In January of 2009, Kevin Clark, PE of Clark Engineering was appointed as the Town's Engineer. Prior to the appointment of Kevin Clark, Edward Sweeney, P.E. served as the Town's Consultant Engineer. Ed Sweeney served the town for over 30 years.

Engineering Services

The duties of the Town Engineer are as follows:

  • Review development proposals (Subdivision/Resubdivision, Site Plans and Special Permits) for conformance to Town Regulations and prescribed engineering standards
  • Attend Planning and Zoning Commission meetings as necessary
  • Assist as necessary in the preparation of revisions to the Zoning Regulations and Subdivision Regulations
  • Prepare surety bond estimates for Subdivision construction, Site Plan construction and Special Permit construction
  • Make recommendations for bond reductions during constructions
  • Inspect construction of public and private improvements for Subdivisions, Site Plans and Special Permits as directed
  • Assist with Call-Before-You-Dig mark-outs for Town-owned utilities (sanitary sewer and storm sewer) when requested
  • Assists with DEP permit applications or renewal applications for Town-owned facilities (Landfill/Transfer Station, Town Garage, Salmon Brook Park, etc.) -  Existing permits are as follows:
    • Transfer Station Operating Permit
    • Transfer Station Stormwater Permit (Phase I)
    • Town Garage Stormwater Permit (Phase I)
    • Urban Area Stormwater Permit (Phase II)
    • Landfill Groundwater Sampling Permit
    • Composting Permit at the Landfill
    • Diversion Permit for the Salmon Brook Park irrigation system
    • Town Garage Recycling Permit
  • Administer Surface water sampling program for all Stormwater Permits (Phase I and II). Annual submission to the DEP.
  • Administer the groundwater sampling program for the Granby Landfill closeout. Quarterly submission to the DEP.
  • Prepare the annual report for the Phase II Stormwater Permit for submission to the DEP.
  • Assist as necessary with the annual report to CONNDOT for road mileage, road reconstruction and road acceptances.
  • Assist as necessary with the annual report to Call-Before-You-Dig. Update the mileage of Town-owned utilities as may be necessary.
  • Prepare Plans and Specifications for the solicitation of bids for Town projects.
  • Provide engineering assistance to the Public Works Department (DPW) for various projects - services may included
    • Drainage computations
    • Earthwork computations
    • Structural computations (reconstruction of facilities
    • Bridges
    • Retaining walls
    • Other items not involved with the CONNDOT bridge program
    • Sewer capacity computations
    • Horizontal/vertical alignment computations (roads and bridges)
    • Sightline computations/measurements and construction layout
  • Structural engineering work will be referred to a structural engineer by the town or in cooperation with the Consultant Engineer
  • Assist with land record research for DPW projects regarding rights-of-way and easements

The engineering services are administered by the Office of Community Development. The office oversees the budget and the billing of engineering services. Since 2002, the Town has been charging developers for the actual costs of engineering inspections necessitated by their projects.