Chapter 1 - Incorporation & General Powers

Section 1-1 - Incorporation

All the inhabitants dwelling within the territorial limits of the Town of Granby, as heretofore constituted, shall continue to be a body politic and corporate under the name of the "Town of Granby", hereinafter in this Charter called "the Town", and as such shall have perpetual succession and may hold and exercise all powers and privileges herein conferred, and all powers and privileges conferred upon towns under the general statutes of the State of Connecticut.

Section 1-2 - Rights & Obligations

All property, both real and personal, all rights of action and rights of every description and all securities and liens in the Town as of the date this Charter shall take effect are continued. The Town shall continue to be liable for its debts and obligations. Nothing herein shall be construed to affect the right of the Town to collect any assessment, charge, debt, or lien. If any contract has been entered into by the Town prior to the effective date of this Charter or any bond or undertaking has been given by or in favor of the Town which contains provisions that the same may be enforced by any office or agency therein named, which is hereby abolished, such contracts, bonds, or undertakings shall continue in full force and effect. The powers conferred and the duties imposed with reference to the same upon any such office or agency shall, except as otherwise provided in this Charter, thereafter be exercised and discharged by the Board of Selectmen of said Town.

Section 1-3 - General Grant of Powers

In addition to all powers granted to towns under the constitution and general statutes, the Town shall have all powers specifically granted by this Charter and all powers fairly implied in or incident to the powers expressly granted and all other powers incident to the management of the property, government and affairs of the Town, including the power to enter into contracts with the United States or any federal agency, the State of Connecticut or any political subdivision thereof for services and the use of facilities, the exercise of which is not expressly forbidden by the constitution and the general statutes of the State of Connecticut.