Chapter 8 - Administrative Agencies

Section 8-1 - Administrative Agencies

Except as otherwise provided in this Charter, the Town Manager shall be directly responsible to the Board of Selectmen for the administration of finance, public works, welfare, health, public safety, and such other offices and agencies as the Board of Selectmen may direct.

Boards, commissions and officers appointed by the Board of Selectmen shall have the powers and duties prescribed by the general statutes and by ordinance of the Board of Selectmen.

Section 8-2 - Police Department

  1. The police department shall be responsible for the preservation of the public peace, prevention of crime, apprehension of criminals, regulation of traffic, protection of rights of persons and property and enforcement of laws of the state and the ordinances of the Town and all rules and regulations made in accordance therewith. All members of the department shall have the same powers and duties with respect to the service of criminal process and enforcement of criminal laws as are vested in police officers by the general statutes as amended.
  2. Chief of Police: Appointments, Powers and Duties. With the approval of the Board of Selectmen, the Town Manager shall appoint and may remove, subject to the provisions of section 7-278 of the general statutes, a Town chief of police who shall hire and may remove, subject to such rules and regulations as may be adopted pursuant to the merit system provisions of Chapter 9 of this Charter, all other officers and employees of the department. The chief of police shall hire and may remove an animal control officer. The chief of police shall assign all members of the department, including an animal control officer, to their respective posts, shifts, details and duties. He shall make rules and regulations concerning operation of the department and the conduct of all officers and employees thereof. He shall be responsible for the efficiency, discipline and good conduct of the department and for the care and custody of all property used by the department. Disobedience to the lawful orders, rules and regulations of the chief shall be grounds for dismissal or for other appropriate disciplinary action. The chief of police shall have the power to suspend any member of the department for cause but such suspension shall not continue for more than twenty four hours unless within that time he shall notify the Town Manager in writing of such action, the grounds of such suspension, and the names of witnesses to sustain such charges. Unless otherwise provided by ordinance of the Board of Selectmen, the determination as to the continuance of the suspension shall be made by the Town Manager.